Live Earth Concert In India::: Bon Jovi to rock the show!!!

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Hey hey hey people!!...the popular Live Earth Concerts for climatic awareness touches down  to India this December. This event is like a sequel to the hugely successful series of concerts held last year. These were organized by former US Vice President and now custodian of environmental awareness, Mr. Al Gore. That event saw an estimated two billion people watch 150 acts perform simutaneously in 11 cities Bon Jovi, Live Earth India, Jon,, keep the fath, Bandaround the world!! (Phew!! now thats wat i call an audience!!). Live Earth 2008 Concert in India will be co-produced by Mumbai-based event management company Wizcraft Entertainment and Live Earth producer Kevin Wall.
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The Bachchan family members, including actress wife Jaya, actor son Abhishek and his wife, the former Miss World and actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, are expected to participate. But, the most prominent among them The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan plays the most important role this time too, like always. He's going to be the spokesperson for Live Earth India.
The 'Live Earth' initiative by Emmy Award-winning producer Kevin Wall and Al Gore has found support in co-nobel prize winning environmentalist Rajendra Pauchari and Director Shekhar Kapoor(who'll also serve as the creative director of the event), besides Bachchan. 
Jon Bon Jovi's Band is almost a surety for the concert, which will have many more internationaly famed performing artists on it. All the people on the show will have their take on the Issue at hand i.e. to bring worldwide awareness on the environmental issues. The benefeciaries of this concert are; Pachauri's  TERI ( The Energy and Research Institute) and
TERI, Al Gore, Live Earth, India,Rajendra Pachauri,Climate, Nobel Prize, 2007, Peace an organisation 'Climate project India', which is dedicated to climate issues and poverty alleviation. For TERI, the artists hope to create awareness for the "Light A Billion Lives",  a project that aims to put a solar-powered lantern in a billion homes. This a project 
 promoted by the eminent
 New Delhi-based Indian scientist Rajendra Pachauri who shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.

Live Earth 2008 India takes place on December 7 at the 20,000-seat Mumbai Andheri Sports Complex.

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