holy shit!!!

"NDTV CorrespondentWednesday, June 13, 2007 (New Delhi):India's national carrier is grounded following a flash strike by thousands of employees including ground staff and cabin crew.The strike created chaos in airports across the country, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded as flights were cancelled or delayed.The Civil Aviation Ministry reacted angrily suspending 23 striking employees but the unions have refused to budge on their demand for better pay following a planned merger with Air India.Indian employees are not happy with the government's offer of Rs 267 crore settlement. Taking a tough line against the striking 'Indian' employees, Government even warned them of a lockout in Indian Airlines.At the Delhi airport Indian snapped into damage control mode refunding passenger tickets to control the chaos. But passengers stranded at the airport since morning were not amused."A lot of inconvenience has been caused to the passengers, which will not be tolerated. They (the union) are being insensitive and the strike is a reckless move by them," said Praful Patel, Civil Aviation Minister."

Was really shoked wen i saw this article. bloody employees of Indian airlines had to chose this time to go on a strike!! have a flight on sunday wonder wat will happen to that..if that gets grounded i am goners!!!!

a few moments in hindi..before other posts!!!

यारों यह मेरा पहला post, मैं अपने राष्ट्रीय भाषा में लिख राहा हूँ। मुझे बहुत अच्चा अनुभव हो रहा हैं। यह केवल और केवल Google के कारन ही संभव हुवा हैं। वोह इसलिये क्यों के इस समय के पूर्व मैं इतनी अच्ची हिंदी लिख नहीं पता था और spelling कि तो मत पूचियें, उसकी तो पूरी वाट लगा देता था। किन्तु हिंदी का सम्मान अति आवशक होने के कारन मैंने समझा के जितनी भी मैं विदेशी भाषा एक भारतीय व्यक्ति वेव्हार करें उसे अपने राष्ट्रीय भाषा का सम्मान सबसे ऊपर रखना चाहिये। इसी कारण हेतु मैं अपने इस blog का प्रारम्भ हिंदी के उपयोग से कर राहा हूँ।