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Another news of a major Animation movie folks. This time its Ramayana. This annnouncement by Maya Entertainment comes at the heels of Maniratnam announcing his own live action Ramayana Movie with a formidable screencast consisting of Bollywood and tamil actors.

The animation movie will be directed by Chetan Desai, and have voice-overs by Juhi Chawla (Sita), Manoj Bajpai (Ram), Ashutosh Rana (Ravan), and Mukesh Rishi (Hanuman).
Desai is keen on the promotion of the feature for raising awareness on the Indian Mythological Stuff.

Hmmm...though I, for one, would like to see film-makers coming out with more innovative and original stuff akin to what the Hollywood/Japanese do, without just rehashing the old stuff left behind. But considering the economics, awareness, stigma of animated stuff being associated with immaturity and the great Indian Mythological Hangover...this would be really hard to do but certainly not impossible.

"Ramayana-the epic" animation movie hits screens early 2009

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