Google chrome:::The story till now

So, Google claimed to have captured 1% share of the Browser pie on the first day of its release. But, the sceptic that I am, I waited for some third party results verifying the same.

Got the lowdown from the blog:
This table shows which browsers are losing share to chrome:
Aug 2868.17%24.66%2.83%N/A4.33%
Aug 2967.81%24.78%2.84%N/A4.57%
Aug 3065.41%26.38%3.04%N/A5.17%
Aug 3164.49%26.91%3.06%N/A5.56%
Sep 0166.92%25.26%2.99%N/A4.84%
Sep 02*67.58%24.36%2.91%N/A5.06%
Sep 0367.81%23.54%2.70%1.11%4.87%
Sep 0470.87%21.26%2.48%1.15%4.25%

The below table outlines the changes in market share over the period:

Aug 28-----
Aug 29(0.36%)+0.12%+0.01%N/A+0.24%
Aug 30(2.40%)+1.60%+0.20%N/A+0.60%
Aug 31(0.92%)+0.53%+0.02%N/A+0.39%
Sep 01+2.43%(1.65%)(0.07%)N/A(0.72%)
Sep 02*+0.66%(0.90%)(0.08%)N/A+0.22%
Sep 03+0.23%(0.82%)(0.21%)+1.11%(0.19%)
Sep 04+3.06%(2.28%)(0.22%)+0.04%(0.62%)

N.B: The Chrome browser was launched late in the day GMT time on Sept 2nd so the first full day of tracking for Chrome is Sept 3rd. For further stuff on the chrome story, please read the blog

But, my take on Chrome is, it is clean,good,sleek,fast, kinda makes me have a crush on it. But, I remain committed to mozilla firefox (till chrome trumps it I guess but dunno wen??) which, I feel, is streets better than chrome from both the viewpoints of lay as well as geek users.

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