Snoop Dogg Hits Bollywood!!!

From fatherhood to Bollywood, Snoop Dogg is making his presence known in Indian entertainment.

Not only did he just record a song for Akshay Kumar's new movie, Singh Is King, but now he wants to be a leading actor in a Bollywood production! And they're all for it.

Producers on the track think Snoop's hip-hop vibe combined with the Bollywood theme are the perfect pairing.

They say, "The video is looking brilliant!" We can't quite picture Snoop in a Bollywood film, but when the video's available, we'll be sure to post it and you can decide for yourself!


Animation SEZ!! in India....

Hmmm looks like things are warming up in the animation arena. I came across an article regarding a proposed SEZ for the major animation houses incl. Walt Disney, Sony and Imax alongwith local players.
Below are some excerpts from the article:
"Gujarat may be the next destination for the country's animation industry, which is expected to touch Rs 4,200 crore by fiscal 2009. Targeting the sunrise industry, an unnamed developer has proposed an IT SEZ in Umargaon in south Gujarat, according to state officials.

Overseas entertainment giants including Walt Disney, Imax and Sony are expected to outsource cartoon characters and special effects to Gujarat once the SEZ is completed....

Click Here for the full story

Well, though the animation industry is still quite nebulous here in India, such steps will, as they say, be "a giant leap forward..."...