For those who "Chrome" in late!!

Chrome,Rajarshi Sharma,Google Comics,chrome comic,

Chrome,Rajarshi Sharma,Google Comics,chrome comic,
Hmmm lots of buzz surrounding the newborn Chrome. The pros, the cons..the easy chrome hacks, the not so easy Chrome hack-nots it or not, if you are a web surfer chances are u haven't been able to ignore it. Though I have been commenting and reading on it on some other sites and blogs, i still find it too early for my blog to carry a verdict on it (its still a baby after all!! let it grow ppl!).
Anyway for the time being, I have simply loved reading about the eComic on Chrome the people at Google have put up.
Have fun reading it like I did.Chrome,Rajarshi Sharma,Google Comics,chrome comic,
Till l8r,

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