Edge of reality:::Gadget Or The Girl?

Caught this dig at another blog (www.ohgizmo.com to be precise)...and didn't waste time posting it on mine either.

Reality shows are the "in" things in tubes everywhere these days. Count on Playboy TV to cash in on it and add another feather to its already multi-hued hat.

Churning reality and fantasy being their forte, they have come up with this new reality show "Gadget or the Girl". The show is based on two of men's fantasies...Gadgets and women....
This features the usual run-of-the-mill reality show story about a guy who has to choose from the chicks on display, after some amount of interaction with them. The not so run-of-the-mill twist in the story being, that he gets to ditch the chick and choose a gadget instead!

Here's how:
The show will start by having a guy meet 3 beautiful women. He will choose two of the ladies to take on a date. Eventually he will have to choose one of the women to be his only companion for the rest of the evening.Then he must make one more decision which is the main premise of the game: go on a romantic weekend getaway with the lady or ditch the girl and bring home a brand new gadget.
There's another twist at this point too, the guy doesn't know what his gadget will be... heh heh He can only know about it after he has made his choice, between the girl and the gadget! Imagine if he leaves all the goodies for an electric shaver or a similar item.. lol!!..Another angle of looking at it ...well think how the gal will think after she discovers she's been dumped for a t.v.... Serious emotional turmoil i am sure ...Possible gadgets include a 60-inch plasma TV or a home arcade game etc.

Gadget or the Girl, hosted by comedienne Iliza Shlesinger(in picture), goes on air on Playboy TV on Monday, September 1, at 7:30 p.m. EDT..
Wish we in India could see it..but with even primary sex education shunned here, its still a long way off for Playboy TV!!

So gadget or the girl which would u choose??

'till l8r ciao..

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