Boom time in Toon Town!!

Seems its rosy days ahead for the Rs 1,300 crore (approx $306 million) Indian animation industry or so says the Deccan Herald in an article.
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It goes on to say that following the recent successes of some ani-flicks, the production houses are quite optimstic about future projects too. With the hindi Film Industry, flinging out mindless, insipid stuff every other day, this does seem a distinct possibility. But, as i mentioned earlier in another post, the Indian industry is still a long way off from making the kind of stuff that hollywood or the Japanese guys make, not because of lack of talent but for reasons which are rather not related to the direct creation of the animation stuff. Recently, I saw the rushes of Roadside Romeo, from the Yashraj stables. From the looks of things, it was quite good. Lets see how it turns for real. Hopefully, we'll be served similar stuff in the future....

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