B'lore Blooming!!, The Flower Show @ Lalbagh: a review

Hmmm I wound up at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore(of all places!!!) this weekend to see a flower show!!..yea yea if my frens are seein this i am sure they're gonna be titterin' away like a bunch of sparrows on steroids..but just couldn't help it guys...

Well i dunno my coronations from the chrysanthymums..but hey, it isnt necessary to make a movie to write a review for one ...so why not a flower show? heh heh. You could call it a review from a novice's point of view. Wouldn't blabber much on it though. 

The entry fee to the place is quite overpriced for a guy like me who isn't even interested in flowers(but its better spending ur money at this place if you're considering to visit a place like the Scary house, one of the unscariest places i've ever been. Come to think of it many Indian Toilets are scarier ha ha ha). Well, after that, we made it to the show after a lot of searching cos it was my first time to the place and the same being huge. It was located bang in the middle of the Gardens in some old structure.

 I go straight to the flowers now. Well, it had flowers, and a humungous number of them at that. The prize-winners were really pretty but some unpretty ones ended up with better ranks than some good looking ones(well they were good looking to me atleast)..Among some of the only flowers i know, i found the marigolds at the most healthiest of state. The rest of them, roses and dahlias, i dint like b'cos they were either too small or rotting and after seeing the huge dahlias we had in our college these ones didn't stand a chance b4 dem. But not to worry,  all you budding florists and flower enthusiasts, the other more exotic and rare varieties were quite good actually.  There was one piece of decor there,  an anthurium globe kinda thingy which looked like a huge strawberry, which  i really liked.

There were also stalls for the sale of bonsai, pots, seeds, manure, veggies, orchids et al...a gardener's pure delight!!..Hmmmm even i kinda ended up enjoying the affair..i  give a thumbs up on this one..certainly worth a dekko, the colors are quite mood-lifting.

Hope u guys like the pics i clicked

Ciao and till l8r tk cr...

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