Tell A Friend ::: New Twist to the bookmarking tale~!!!

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I came across "Tell a Friend" while looking for some tool which would allow for better bookmarking of my posts..and man! I really loved it!!. So, didn't waste any time in adding the lil thingy to my blog. (You'll notice it at the bottom of each of my posts)
Now we all know that when tongues wag, the lamest rumors become the hottest news.And, this is where "Tell a Friend" comes into the picture..(for the record though, I ain't implying that my posts are lame ok!!)

The site or rather the tool harnesses the power of "The Word of Mouth" (although its more like "word of fingers" in this case!!) concept of marketing ur goods .

The explicit video that I have posted (source: from will allow for the better understanding of this will the learn-more page here.
What struck me about the thing are two things...the ability to send messages thru instant messengers and the high level of customizability (see! i know long words too!!). Man, you can even customize the pop-up window!!. Hmmm mention of the pop-up brings me to a  major highlight...cos using tell a friend..u can spread the fire without leaving the page...unlike almost all the similar available aint that cool!!
Coming from the horse's mouth:

  • It's free!
  • Just copy and paste. No integration or coding.
  • Users can share content across IM, Email or Social Networks
  • Users share content without leaving your site
  • Visitors can access their contact lists and easily reach out to their friends
  • Leverage trust-in-friends to spread the word
  • Have announcements which are context-rich

And to add to all this blitz, it also has the features like analytics, choose ur widget etc..(features which are, de rigueur these days). For corporate customers, they are packing in more goodies.(well its obvious of course!! cos they'd be showing them the dough, u freeloader!!).

Well, the guys have tied with a lotta bigshots for their promotion and seems they are going all out on this one. The people behind this have added fewer social bookmarking option leaving out a few important ones but, with its ability to send messages thru IM, it beats the pants off of its competition in terms of versatility. Check out the home page.
I give my thumbs up on this one (...and hopefully it'll be up for some time)

P.s: I noticed that this site is part of SocialTwist which is in turn a business of Pramati Technologies..home to India's own Application kudos to them

So wat are u waiting for....

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