10 Effective Ab Exercises ::: C'mon lets Workout !!!

Hmmm of late, I am being approached by people around me, asking wen the next blockbuster is gonna hit screens and wat my opinions 'bout it are(all thanks to my blog and the raving reviews dat i write ahem! ahem!)....well ppl, yea i like showbiz a lot(movies in particular) but I ain't no walking, talking movie encyclopaedia folks!! (or so i tend to think..). So, to shake things up a li'l, I have decided to change the topic for couple o' days....but nothing to worry the movie trailers and reviews will keep coming, cos 'ol habits.. die hard!! (heyyyy... waitaminnit, die hard's a movie too!!..maybe i am a movie addict!!)....

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Well, i came across this article at about.com...it instantly caught my eye, the reason being very clear from my earlier post (I am somewer between the 1 and 2 year stages...). Having gone from fab abs to ab flabs in recent days had really been a shock for me....so have started to take my exercises more seriously. By the way, in the process of this, have come across lotsa things 'bout exercising and health, which, I'll hopefully be able to share in my subsequent posts, its only the top ab exercises for this one..wit some of my quips on the various forms of bodily contortions...(u can check out the exercises by clicking the number one exercise link and moving onto the next ones in d page which opens)
  1. Bicycle Exercise (my favorite cos its one of the few ones to target the obliques together with the abs)
  2. Captain's Chair (its good for the entire upper body)
  3. Exercise Ball Crunch (Never tried that huge ball ..so cant say anything bout this)
  4. Vertical Leg Crunch (effective!!!)
    effective, ab, exercises, six pack, abs, Rajarshi, Sharma, exercise, workout, health, rajsharmablogs.blogspot.com
  5. Torso Track (its a tough one folks..be careful wen u do this)
  6. Long Arm Crunch (one of the oldest in the books!!)

  7. Reverse Crunch (yup it works!! hmmm well its supposed to or it wont be here :D)
  8. Full Vertical Crunch (this golden oldie is actually quite effective!)
  9. Ab Rocker (this looks like the one they show on TV!..dunno if it really works heh heh!)
  10. Plank on Elbows and Toes (i dint know bout this one b4. do check it out its quite cool!!!)
effective, ab, exercises, six pack, abs, Rajarshi, Sharma, exercise, workout, health, rajsharmablogs.blogspot.com
I tried out almost all the exercises above ('cept for the pilates one with the huge Ball and torso track) and well, i can say they all are quite effective but only to the extent of wat u eat (and u should see me gorge!!! Its the reason why I still am li'l on the pudgier side in d belly area :D) and ur genes...well, Ur genes u can't help but wat u can is, by eating a low calorie, filling diet (do not crash diet it'll make the situation worse) and stay happy!! (believe me extreme mood swings really do wreck havoc wit ur regimen!!!)...Don't keep dreaming about 6 packs ..they'll come to u if u have them in u (thats in the genes part)

so until l8r,
(dont forget ur cardio!!!!!)

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