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how, to, add, recent comments,posts, to, Blogger,,Rajarshi, Sharma,rajsharma,rajarshi,sharma,rajsharmablogsHmmm now this has been around for many days and not many talk about it even though lotsa ppl use the "Recent posts" and "Recent Comments" in the same way as I do but don't write 'bout it...( i wonder why??!!)....So "much ado About nOthing~!!" does wat its meant for ... ;) :p

How to Add "Recent Posts" / "Recent Comments" to Blogger

(and I am gonna tell it 2 u even if u already knew how to!)

Click the Layout view of the respective blog in your Dashboard. You'll find that you have been directed to the page elements page.
Click the "Add a Gadget" Link which you have on your Layout. This time something'll pop up...more precisely a pop up window.
In that pop up window (the window from Step2 or did u forget already??) you'll find a gadget that goes by the name of "Feed" ...Click the Blue Button wit a white "plus" sign on it to the right side of the "Feed" gadget.
On doing step3, you'll find the window's changed and now the silly thing's asking u to feed it some URL. Well, dont hesitate ...paste ur comments/Blog feed URL to it...the comments feed in my case is:
And so this step will create for ME (not U awrite...use ur own feed for dat!!) a "Recent Comments" thingy
Click on the "continue" button.
You'll find the window's changed again (the chameleon dat it is!!). Make the required changes you need and click the "Save" button.

Behold! a "Recent Comments" Widget to ur Blog... see? no sweat!!!...Repeat the steps for including a "Recent Posts" widget to your blog but while in Step4, just provide your blog feed URL
instead of the Comments get ur desired results..

Hope u liked the post ...(and hopefully, i dint shove it down ur scrawny throats like the spinach of ur Yore!!)

'til l8r cr

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