"Jai Ho!" : The Pussycat Dolls version

I recently saw this pussycat dolls' version of Jai Ho!. Well, I dunno if just me, or did u also notice? that, day by day the presence of the other members of the "band" (???) is growing smaller and smaller than Nicole's in any of the videos. No offence to all u Nicole fans, but I guess its just a lil justice if the others get some air time atleast and not just measly, out of focus camera jabs dat they are being subjected to in the videos. Wonder how they stand upto this. I think maybe its cos they think they'd be nothing without her..or maybe she is THE most hyper talented woman musician/magician who has them under her wicked spell . Anyways, I felt that all of them looked like drag queens at some points of the video....but since this is for the Nicole fans...the video follows....

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